Saturday, February 9, 2013

3 NUS Food Outlet to Reccomend

Just Acia (MD6 Level 1)

All set meals comes with free flow ice-cream and drinks. Price range is about $5.90 onwards. If you use the mobile rewards programme "Perx", you even get $6 off when you earn 10 chops (every $5.90 spent earns you one chop). AND as a NUS staff/student, you get a further 10% discount for all items.

Salad Bar (Science canteen)

Affordable and value for money western meals. All set meals comes with a choice of three sides (recommended: baby carrots). Highly recommended: Fish and chips, Breakfast Set.

 Middle East Cuisine (Business Canteen)

The kebab rice set taste not too bad, but the rice is slightly dry when i last tried it.

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