Sunday, January 6, 2013

Modules for Year 2 Sem 2

Workload: 24 MC
Objective: Improve CAP to 4.60 (from 4.59)
Strategy: Mug hard and early for core modules, don't overstretch myself for SPS, be prepared to S/U 2 non-core modules

LSM2101 and LSM2102 and LSM2202A
I must not repeat my mistakes for last semester. Mug early, mug hard. Read the textbooks (though I don't think I will buy it since closed-book exam and expensive). I will print the notes in hard copy, pay attention during lectures, and take notes.

SPS modules are interesting, but notoriously time-draining if left unchecked. I must monitor the time spent, and make sure i leave sufficient time for other modules as well.

SSS1207 and NM1101E ACC1002X

If i have time, no harm mugging for these modules and score more As. But if not enough time, NM1101E SSS1207 will be the first to be sacrificed, followed by SSS1207 ACC1002X. I have 3 S/U options left. I am prepared to use them! :)
(Update: i have dropped NM1101E in favor of ACC1002X)

Some words:
A good results for the next sem will be a good buffer before I embark on SEP in year 3 sem 1. I find that i study better in school, and with mugging buddies. Feel free to join my mugging when you see me in school. :)

All the best in the new year ahead!

"RainboW" by Emindeath
To appreciate the beauty of the rainbow, I open my eyes and be awed by the myriad of colours magnificently presented to me.

To appreciate how a rainbow forms, I use science, logic and reasoning. And with these understanding, I can make you a rainbow to cheer you up after a long and dark storm.


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