Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Year 2 Sem 1 Results

One word: Relieved.


SAP: 4.60 (previous 4.50)
CAP: 4.59 (previous 4.58)

Module Code Module TitleMC Grade
SP3172 Integrated Science Project 4 A
SP3176 The Universe 4 A-
ST1232 Statistics for Life Sciences 4 A
LSM2103 Cell Biology 4 A-
LSM2241 Introductory Bioinformatics 4 B+
SP1001 Career Planning & Preparation 0 CS

My grades were roughly as predicted, except that I did slightly better than expected in LSM2103 and LSM2241. I pulled up my CAP slightly from 4.58 to 4.59.

SP3172:  didn't get A+, but kind of expected given how stretched and last minute we were. And, everyone in SPS seem to have "leveled up" from SP2171 and is doing a lot better, thus relatively speaking we may not have done as well. Many thanks to my group mates and mentors! :) Cheers that we still managed to pull it off.

SP3176: as predicted

ST1232: hey, what happened to my A+? But oh well, an A is still good. I guess i didn't do as well in the finals, the exam was surprisingly tough. The bell curve must have been super steep, with a lot of people scoring nearly full score.

LSM2241 and LSM2103: I was super slack and last minute for my core modules last semester. This is a mistake I must not repeat. Gotta print notes, study ahead of time, and be super attentive during lectures next semester. I am very lucky I managed to pull off a reasonably good grade for both of this module despite everything.

SP1001: For science student, I personally think SP1001 is a very useful module. In it, you will learn important life skills such as how to write resume, cover letter, and how to dress and prepare for job interview. I strongly recommended this module to everyone. Upon passing this module, u can also proceed to do an internship for credits on CS/CU basis! :)

Conclusion: I got lucky. Next semester, I must work harder. My CAP is still above 4.5, still in running for first class honours, but this will not last if I do not turn the downward trend around.

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