Sunday, November 18, 2012

Year 2 Sem 1 Strategic Musings

SP3172 Integrated Science Project

SP3172 Congress is over. That is an incredible relief, for this is one intensive module that had drained a lot of time and attention though I have learned and experience much from it. I think we have done well (though not the best! but that is a happy case because everyone has done very well). I had a great team, thanks to Xiphias and Shiyuan :), and were lucky to have the mentorship of very dedicated and experienced mentors (Dr Gruber, Li Fang, Kai Sen, Daphne, and Ah Jung).

We had an option to continue our work with Dr Gruber, will seriously consider this option after the exams.

Predicted Grade: A

SP3176 The Universe

Though I am interested in cosmology as a layman, and have seen many cosmology lectures youtube videos, and layman cosmology books, abstract maths really is not my cup of tea. I also did not put in as much effort into this module as for previous SPS content module, because I got really tied up by the work in SP3172.

I think I did average in the CA, and we now we have one more last report to submit on Wednesday.

Predicted Grade: A/B+

LSM2241 Introductory Bioinformatics

I know bioinfomatics is useful, but computing and data crunching is really not my interest (and aptitude). The group project, i think we did average, but i got only 50% in CA (aww... crap...).

Predicted Grade: B+/B

LSM2103 Cell Biology

I like cell biology, but the amount of hardcore regurgitation required for this module is crazy! Why treat us like memory machines? Isn't appreciating and understanding the concepts, and acquiring the skills to read and interpret the latest information from the literature a more useful thing? (In this regard, i think Dr Thilo did his part of the module real good! :)). However, it is plain old memory work for the the other two lecturers... sigh... I did average for the first CA, the second CA I am probably screwed though...

Predicted Grade: A/B+

ST1232 Statistics for Life Sciences

I was pleasantly surprise that I performed well in the Stats CA scoring full marks. But then, the bell curve was right leaning, so my advantage really is not that significant. This is my best hope of an A grade for this semester.

Predicted Grade: A

Current CAP: 4.58

Objective: maintain my CAP above 4.5

Assumption: A grade for SP3172

  1. focus on securing my "A" grade for ST1232 (i will spend a sizable amount of time on this module)
  2. Damage control on LSM2241. Anything below B+ is very damaging to my CAP. (I will spend the next most amount of time on this module, in a desperate bid to resurrect this module)
  3. LSM2103, i will try to scrap a B+. Really hoping for gentle bell curve. This is a horrendous module afterall. :( I am not a memory person, therefore spending more time in this module may not payoff well for me anyway. Might as well put this as last priority.
Predicted Grades: A, A, B, B+, A (SAP = 4.4)
I should be still above 4.5 if everything goes as predicted. But, i must work hard, real hard :(

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