Saturday, November 10, 2012

SPS Room Becomes First Home

There is a lot of things to do.

The Universe project.
SP3172 project.
LSM assignments
LSM revision (which ended up taking low priority, i.e. goodbye to my CAP) :(

There was lots of things happening too! Some unpleasant. But great things too.

For the past weeks, I have been spending nights in SPS room catching up on work. But at least I am not alone. It is easier to bear the pain when you aren't the only one in pain isn't it?

Exotic Pet

Recently captured a common household gecko, but it has since died of neglect. There was simply no time to take care of it.

I was doing statistics analysis and graphs for my SP3172 project when i got activated to deal with a gecko spotted in my house toilet.
I tried to keep it alive on fish food pellets, since I couldn't find insects to feed it.

Got Lucky in Stats Mid-term
ST1232 mid-term exam was 30 question MCQ test. I got lucky and scored 30/30.

Losing Hope in LSM2103
Level 2000 LSM modules are crazy. The lecturers assume everyone has a high capacity harddisk drive affixed to their head. There are like so many pathways and interactions to memorize. Seriously... what value is there to memorize such stuff? Some memory work is inevitable... but why should we even have to memorize the nitty gritty of very very specific pathways models?

Lab Work for SP3172 is finally over
It is a relief that we no longer have to juggle lab work and lectures any more. We rushed out and submitted our written report, and now we are in preparation for viva, poster presentation, and ppt presentation. Without back-to-back lectures and lab, I was able to go for lectures with a clearer frame of mind... but because of long nights, I felt drowsy anyway...

SP3176 is out of this world
Is nuking the best way to deflect a killer asteroid?
My youtube self-learned cosmology barely helped me cope with this abstract math intensive course. ><
And... we also have to come up with a poster and report for the mini-project. We have chosen to look into the topic of asteroid-defense strategy for Earth.

Reading Week
There's more deadlines upcoming. But if i survive till reading week, then i will be able to finally get settled down to studying my core modules. Hopefully, it will not be another CAP sinking semester.