Wednesday, October 14, 2015

FYP ends PhD Starts

A belated update: I have completed my FYP and graduated with Honours from NUS. :)

I am currently doing my PhD under NGS scholarship at NUS. A good news came from MOE this year that local PhD students will start receiving CPF employer's contributions. Still waiting for the first contribution to be credited, as schools need time for implementation.

Doing a PhD is known to be emotionally tiring. So, I am not expecting a smooth sail... but at least don't capsize. :P

Saturday, October 18, 2014


for some reason, i didn't make any post for the past 10 months.

Now, i am in the middle of my final year in NUS Life Science. FYP can be tough to juggle, especially if you have to shuttle between lectures and lab. FYP really is my first opportunity to be in the driver seat, doing a research project. Peers with horror stories of their FYP are not unheard of, so I am really glad to have joined a great lab with fun people and a nurturing mentor

What should i do next? Quite sure it would be graduate studies.

Where should I do it? No idea yet, but probably back in NUS.

When's graduate studies application deadline? very very soon... sigh...

No career is easy, but if I want to be a scientist, this is what i must do. So let my passion lead the way.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Western Europe Tour

Before my SEP at King's College, i joined my fellow coursemates (Alisa, Amelia, Xin Lin, and Qin Sheng) on a West Europe Tour

London (29 Aug 2013)

The Shard, tallest building in London

On 28 Aug, we landed in London after a 13 hours flight on British Airways. Service was good, but i felt the the economy class seating was quite cramped. We meet up Dr Brendan Orner, a former lab mate of Dr Linda (our SPS lecturer) to deposit our luggage. Very lucky and grateful that we managed to got their help, because otherwise, we would have to resort to expensive commercial luggage deposit services. We had a brief tour of London, and to King's College Guy's Campus. By evening, we had a quick shower then rushed to catch a overnight bus to our next destination.

Glasgow (30 Aug - 1 Sept 2013)
We went to Glasgow, the largest city (though not the capital) of Scotland. We signed up for a tour of the Scottish countryside.
The Scottish countryside seen on the bus tour

Dunoon Highland Games 2013
We got "embroiled" into the age old rivalry between the Scots and the English people, through the stories told by out Scottish tour guide. I also first learned about the upcoming referendum that will take place next year to decide whether Scotland will leave the United Kingdom and become independent. The Dunoon highland games also took place while we were there, which we attended.

Paris (1 Sept - 4 Sept 2013)
The Eiffel Tower
The land of the Eiffel tower. Paris is a popular tourist spot, but that also means it is full of touts, snatch thieves, pickpockets, and inflated prices. Be on your guard, if something will go wrong on your trip, it would likely to be in Paris. It's crowded at almost all major tourist places. We went to the Louvre, but didn't enter it because it was firstly crowded, and not cheap. The most meaningful time there was when we met up with a previous module groupmate (Ula) of mine who studies in Paris; she was on exchange to NUS.

Dijon (4 Sept - 6 Sept 2013)
Palace of the Duke of Burgundy, in Dijon

We took a train into Dijon, a city in the french Burgundy region. Dijon is a small, but prosperous and quiet city. In short, Dijon is almost the opposite of what Paris had to offer. There are many restaurants to try in Dijon, and with recommendations from the friendly locals, you will eat well. :) We stay at an AirBnB hosted by a very warm and helpful host. Our host works at a local art museum, and she gave us free tour!

Nice (7 Sept - 9 Sept 2013)
The coast of Nice City, France
We took an overnight train to Nice. Nice is a coastal french city near the border with Italy. A point about overnight trains: it would not be recommended if you are traveling alone and/or female, as you really can't control who else is in your sleep cabin (it may be safer to opt for a normal reclining seat).

La Spezia / Cinque Terre (9 Sept - 14 Sept 2013)
We left France, and entered Italy via bus to Genoa City, then took a train to La Spezia. I was surprised by the lack of border checks at the France-Italy border, and I first learned about the Schengen Area which spans almost the entire continental Europe, making Europe nearly borderless.

Our main travel destination is actually the nearby Cinque Terre national park, but due to lack of affordable accommodation there, we bunked in at the nearby coastal town of La Spezia. While in Cinque Terre, you are living in a postcard. The sky and seas are blue, the cliffs are greens, and the town buildings are painted in vibrant colours. If you like scenic views, you have to go Cinque Terre.

Last Words
This is the first time I am traveling overseas without my family. It had been a fun and interesting experience to waking up in new unexplored places every few days. It can be tiring at times, threatening at times when touts targets you, and when there's language barriers. But overall, this trip did made me feel more confident in this big but flat world.